Photography by: Erin Krimian


artist's statement

I have been working as an interdisciplinary artist for over 10 years -  exploring, learning, and working with different materials, processes, and mediums. My work is driven by my ideas, and the materials/processes follow. 5 years ago I branched out into music as a vocalist in hardcore bands, this grew into developing a solo project and learning Ableton.

For the longest time I was making hyper-detailed drawings to cope with trauma, then I started making laser cut  mobiles addressing intergenerational trauma, now I am working on myself to fully see, understand, and heal from trauma. I grew up in an environment where it was not safe for me to express myself, so making art became my outlet and my escape. Learning, curiosity, and expression help me cope with depression, this has helped form the interdisciplinary nature of my work. I also enjoy investigating natural patterns and thinking about the relationships between order and chaos. Ideas of reality, the limits of human perception, and the investigation of concepts and techniques keep me interested.

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