Photography by: Erin Krimian


I find pleasure in tasks involving levels of tedium that may drive other people insane. The creation of large, intricate drawings is very fun and meditative for me at the same time. There is a joy of escape and play in the process of drawing at this level of detail because there is a constant cycle of getting lost in the drawing and pulling away to find yourself, then returning to abandon as you sink into the details again. Existing is very fluid and peaceful in this state because I feel like I am doing exactly what I ought to be doing. The natural unnaturalness of Roy Lichtenstein’s brushstroke prints were very striking to me the first time I saw them. The way he processes these mundane things perfectly to return them to the audience, anew, has the magic of alchemy. Penrose tiling, Islamic architecture, and Douglas Hofstadter are some other current influences in my work; this can be seen in the fivefold symmetry and naturalistic patterns that are a constant thread through my work. I enjoy investigating natural patterns and thinking about the relationships between order and chaos. Ideas of reality, the limits of human perception, and the investigation of the concept of truth keep me interested.

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